Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Organization tips from Pinterest and the internet

I have found some really wonderful organization and home keeping tips on Pinterest and websites I love.  Rather than steal the ideas and post them, I am going to put the addresses here so you go go explore the websites and ideas for yourself. Feel free to follow my Keeping Home and Organization boards on Pinterest so you can pin these pages, if you like.  Follow Me

1. How to fold a fitted sheet 
2. Cleaning stains from stored baby clothes
3. How to Fix Dents in Wooden Floors
4. Removing the black gunk from your drains
5. Making a cookie sheet look like new
6. How to clean your blinds
7. Making your own orange cleaner and cleaning the showerhead
8. Homemade Lavender Laundry Detergent
9. Outdoor Toy Organization
10. Dishwasher cleaner and other useful tips
11. Magic carpet cleaner
12. Grab and Go Fridge Snack Station
13. Measuring Cup Station and Other Kitchen Organization
14. Scarf Organization
15. Media console from old dresser
16. Wall storage from mason jars
17. Ribbon Organization  originally from this website
18. Freezer organization
19. Menu Boards
20. Super easy freezer cooking
21. Desk drawer organization
22. Electronics charging holder
 23. Small craft storage
24. Underbed storage for children's rooms and how to build the bed!
25. Managing Car Garbage
26. Household Command Center
27. How to make cute storage bins
28. Laundry Organization
29. Sheet organization
30. Can organization
31. Art supply storage
32. Pantry organization
33. Marker, Color Pencil, or Crayon Storage
34. How to build a food storage rotation shelf
35. Perpetual Memory Calendar
36. Drying Kitchen Sponges
37. Building a pantry for a teeny space
38. Free homemade chip clips
39. Documents You Should Have
40. Traveling with Shoes
41. Remove Grease on Clothes
42. Dehumidify Closet without Electricity
43. Preventing Sweat Stains
44. Mattress Spring Cleaning
45. Do It Yourself Drying Rack
46. Out the Door Organization
47. Stretch Your Fabric Softener
48. Frost free windshields and other great ideas
49. Natural cleaners for windows and mirrors
50. Cleaning the showerhead
51. Homemade Cleaners

I will create more posts in the future as I find more good ideas. Hope you enjoy them. Do you have any links to a great organization or home keeping post?

Dowload a printable version of this from Three Little Monkeys Studio


  1. Thank you!!! Sharing on Facebook, this totally speaks to me today!


    1. I am so glad you liked it! Thank you for sharing.


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